Why Hall Group?

Where to begin?

Our specialist team can answer all your questions of how to start your lift project. There’s no project that is too big, small, or out of our service area that we cannot assist you with. We provide a turn-key service, meaning that you can engage us at any stage of your journey or we can simply pick up from where you left off.

What lift is right for you?

Hall Group has partnered with Australia’s leading lift providers, understanding each unique product and how it best suits your needs. Factors may include:

  • Size
  • Availability
  • Budget
  • Architectural Finish
  • Compliance (Commercial & Accessibility)

Hall Group functions as your one point of contact.

From the engagement of Hall Group’s services to the final handover of your dream lift, Hall Group will act as your only point of contact. Hall Group provides in-house project management, not just during construction but from the initial pre-sale of your lift, to architectural design, planning, construction, and lift installation. To the final handover & ongoing maintenance. 

Hall Group will guide you throughout the whole process.

Our expert team understands every crucial milestone required along your journey. This includes; crucial site inspections to ensure the lift compliments your home, procurement and installation timing of your lift, town planning requirements, regulatory compliance, quality control of construction works, and certification.

Warranty and Service.

Hall Group provides a complete package for your warranty needs. We ensure that all products, designs, and construction works come with statutory warranties. This ensures the longevity and durability of your end product. All products installed have a guaranteed service period with our long-term lift providers ensuring your safety, stability, and reassurance.

All building works come with Home Warranty Building Insurance, which is required on all residential building projects or contract & indemnity insurance for commercial projects.

Hall Group has a legislative compliance of 3 years non- structural & 7 years structural on all works completed under our contracts.

Hall Group has unrivaled years of experience.

We have managed over 150+ lift projects across the country, from engineered concrete cuts to the installation of multi-level exterior shafts, our team has experienced all scenarios. We have developed key systems and critical inspections to ensure the safe delivery of your project. 

Timing is the key.

From engagement to delivery we provide clear timelines and milestones for your lift project. We have halved the industry’s average time that it takes to install your lift. We achieved this by using in house professionals, specialised trade teams, and ensuring that the lift provider can meet your deadlines.


Planning and communication are what sets us apart. From initial engagement, we are transparent on what it takes to install a lift and the challenge that you may face during this time. Our specialist project management team provides you with daily updates throughout the journey ensuring minimal disruption to your day to day life.